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Tile to Metal Roof Conversion

Tile to metal roof conversion

A Tile to Metal Roof conversion requires a bit more planning than changing the roof cover. The massive weight reduction will require a rethink of the ties downs that support the tiles. In addition, this project requires council approval and engineer considerations. Performing a roof conversion is not a DIY project and will require the services of a Registered Builder and a Houspect Building inspector. This professional will be able to inspect your tile to metal roof conversion and identify remediation work that needs to be carried out.

Ceramic tile

A ceramic tile roof is a great addition to any home. The style and elegance of a ceramic tile roof are sure to make a big impact on your home. Originally developed in Spain, this type of tile creates an elegant pattern that stands out from the dark asphalt shingles that are commonly found on roofs. These tiles can also be applied to traditional and contemporary home designs and look beautiful when finished with a Mediterranean look.

Colorbond steel

When converting a tiled roof to a metal roof, it’s important to select the right kind of material. Colorbond steel is lighter than tile, and its low mass helps it cool off faster than tiles. Installing a 55mm roof insulation blanket can improve its thermal capabilities, and will help you eliminate rain noise. While sisalation can be used, it’s not as good. There are also other profiles available, including corrugated and custom orb.


If you’re considering a tile to metal roof conversion, you may be wondering if the latter will be noisy. In reality, a metal roof is far quieter than a tile one, and it’s possible to reduce noise from your conversion by installing a metal roof over plywood or solid foam insulation. Here are a few things you should know about this change. Let’s start by looking at the benefits and disadvantages of a metal roof.


If you are considering converting your tiled roof to a metal roof, the cost of a metal roof conversion can be quite expensive. The conversion requires a massive reduction in weight, which can result in structural problems. These issues can cause problems when selling the property. In some cases, the conversion can cost over $20,000 and requires the services of a registered builder. Houspect Building can inspect your roof to determine if remediation is needed after the conversion.

Requires council approval

Changing your tile roof from traditional to metal roof requires planning and council approval. The two different types of permits are called building permits and planning approvals. While building permits focus on the actual execution of the building, planning approvals consider issues related to the neighbourhood and quality of life. In some cases, a permit is required when the work affects a heritage building. Listed buildings are among the many exceptions to this rule.

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